Scheduling Posts (WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin)

Schedule Posts WordPress Calendar

Scheduling a post from within the post editor is easy. But it can be time-consuming. First, it takes time to enter each post’s editor one at a time. To get a good overview of how often you want to schedule your posts, you have to open a separate calendar program on your computer.

That works, but there is an even easier solution to controlling when, and how often, your posts are published. It is called WordPress Editorial Calendar. With this plugin you can see your posts on a calendar and drag and drop them to the day you want them to go live. You can edit the specific time, and even quick edit your posts all from a calendar within WordPress.


Cool Features:

  • Drag and Drop Posts – With this calendar plugin you won’t need to change the date manually, simply drag your post to the day you want it to publish.  This will make it easy to spread your posts out evenly instead of publishing several all at once and then not having any to publish for a while.
  • Quick Edit from Calendar Page – You don’t have to leave the calendar page to edit each of the posts.
  • Manage Posts from Multiple Authors – You can even edit and schedule posts that other authors have written. This would be a huge time saver for guest posts. If you allow other bloggers to submit articles to your blog you can schedule them to publish at high traffic times
  • Customizable Layout – you can choose how many weeks to display, and show or hide the author and time of day.
  • Organized Overview – blogging is not as overwhelming when you can see the layout of your future posts.


Here is what one month of my past, present and future posts looks like:

WordPress Calendar Schedule Posts

When you mouse over a post, edit, quick edit, delete, and view are displayed (see July 13th, “How to Install Plugins on your Blog” on screenshot).  First of month is highlighted in light blue, today’s date is highlighted in dark blue.


This video is a simple walk through of WordPress Editorial Calendar from one of the plugin’s authors so you can see it in action:


Many famous blogs that use WordPress use this plugin including Smashing Magazine, Chris Brogan, and Copy Blogger.

Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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