How to Install Plugins on your Blog (WordPress)

Installing WordPress Plugins

One of the features that makes WordPress such a smart choice for a website platform is the incredible functionality that it offers. By installing plugins on your WordPress, you can transform your blog into a stunning photo gallery, artist portfolio, news and weather portal, and even a fully featured shopping cart system. And thanks to […]

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Think “Producer”, Kick “Consumer”, Love Learning, and Be Passionate!

Success Passion Action Production

The advice I?m about to give you might change the way you think forever… hopefully! You’ve heard it before… History repeats itself. As people work hard and are productive, they become wealthy and so does their nation. Since they no longer have to focus all their time on growing their own food and making a […]

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How to Update WordPress for a Secure, Functional Blog

Backup Update WordPress

WordPress has become the largest self hosted blogging platform since its first release 10 years ago. With each new version comes more functionality, stability, and security. Why update? Each WordPress update contains important fixes and extended functionality.  By updating your core files and plugins you can make sure that you are not vulnerable to malicious […]

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Where to Find Free Pictures for your Blog

Free Stock Photos

So you know how to insert pictures into your blog posts, but where can you find them?  Here’s some information that could save you a lot of money. You’ve heard it before… “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but it is worth a thousand bucks? When there are so many stunning free pictures out […]

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How to Insert Pictures into a Post with Style

Something is missing! For some reason this post looks boring, less inviting than all the other posts on Bookmark My Blog… I didn’t include the featured image on this post so that I could show you what a difference pictures make. By inserting images into your posts liberally, you can make a better experience for your […]

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Best Permalink Structure for SEO

SEO Permalink Structure

Changing your permalink structure is not only one of the easiest steps you can take, it is also one of the most effective ways that you can improve your SEO. Permalinks are simply permanent links to each blog post. If you look at the URL of this page, you will notice that it is an […]

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How to Take Screenshots to Jazz up a Post (Mac and Windows)

Screenshot Tutorial

It caught your eye, didn’t it? Pictures can add life to your posts. Since most people (approximately 65%) are visual learners, adding pictures and screenshots to your posts will grab their attention and help them remember what they read. If you are writing tutorials, compiling a gallery of websites, or teaching your readers how to […]

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Writing Your First Blog Post

Writing your First Blog Post

Writing the first blog post can be very exciting- and overwhelming! Where should you start? Should you introduce yourself? Share your goals? Skip the intro and dive right into the main content? Regardless of your blog’s topic, start with something creative and catchy. You won’t get a lot of hits on your blog until you […]

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Branding YOU Inc.


We’ve all seen, and even purchased, knock offs. They’re cheaper and sometimes just as good as the real thing. The more common the item, the less important the prestige of the brand name becomes. So what makes your brand different from the rest? Josh talked about this in What Sets You Apart From Your Competition? […]

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What Sets You Apart From Your Competition?

Buy Products from Ethusiasm and Knowledge Business

  Even if your prices are a little higher than your competitor’s, I would rather support you if you can educate and excite me about your product. Here are five reasons that I would buy from you:   You know what you are talking about. One of the biggest problems with department stores and many […]

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